Doctors know a whole lot!  And naturally, patients believe their doctor because our doctors are smart.  That’s a good thing!

But sometimes they just don’t see the whole picture.  Why?

It wasn’t part of their training.  There is just too much to know.  And that’s also why some doctors or therapists specialize in getting down to the root causes of back pain.

So, if your doctor says your back pain is caused by a nerve, the next question is: “Why?”  What is the structure that is pressing on the nerve?

And, the next question is:  “How come?”

Let’s say a bone is pressing on a nerve near your spine.  How come?

Let’s say muscle is pressing on the nerve.  Why?

The bone or muscle did not just happen to start pressing on the nerve.  There is a reason.

Has the bone shifted?  Why?  What’s the reason?  Poor posture?  Short leg?  Hip replacement?

Is the muscle tight or contracted?  Why?  Habitually sitting in one position?  Short leg?  (One out of ten of us has a short leg; the bones are actually shorter.)  Injury?

Can nerves cause back pain?  Yup.

But the question that needs to be answered is WHY is that nerve so irritated or aggravated?  What’s making that nerve cause discomfort for you?

And what natural steps can you take to get rid of the CAUSE of that irritation?

Not always, but often, there are things that you can do to take the pressure off the nerve and make it happy again.  You may need the help of a skilled muscle or physical therapist.




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