Can you get rid of the knots in your back for a while but they keep coming back?  Let’s look at possible reasons.

Maybe we can figure out the cause of your pain and get rid of the cause.

  • It could be posture-related. Do you slouch or slump?
  • It could be that you always lean into the same corner of the couch.
  • It could be your heavy book bag that causes you to lean forward.
  • Do you carry a fat wallet in one back pocket?
  • Do you carry a heavy purse over one shoulder?

It is something and that something needs to be changed so you will stop getting these knots.

And muscles need minerals to function their best. Do you eat a good diet that supplies lots of vitamins and minerals or do you eat mostly pre-packaged, highly processed foods and fast foods?  They cannot supply what your muscles need.

You cannot fool your muscles with fake foods.

And I’m a big supporter of mineral and vitamin supplements.  They have made a huge difference for my health and wellness.

Here’s a tip:

The knots in your back may be caused by tight muscles in the front of your body.  Most of the time we have our hands and heads in front of our body and this shortens the muscles in the fronts of our chests, abdomen, arms and neck. That means the muscles in the front of the body need to be stretched. They are most often the culprit!

If you can give your body movement to balance the muscles, great nutrition, stretching in the right directions and good posture you can get rid of the muscle knots in your back naturally.  🙂


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