What is the most common cause of back pain that you wouldn’t normally think of?  We expect to have back pain when we work our muscles too hard but what else could make your back hurt?  Here are three causes you might not have thought about:

The most common cause of back pain is under-use of muscles!

This happens when you spend too much time sitting.  We were built to move–to walk, swing from trees and all the things we don’t do much anymore.  We are supposed to use ALL of our muscles but we mostly use just SOME of them.

That makes muscles unhappy so they get knots and they complain.  Weak muscles are easily overstretched and that is a common reason for muscle pain in your back.

Poor nutrition causes muscle pain in your back.  Muscles need minerals to function well and a lot of the things we eat don’t supply all of the nutrients that used to be in (real) food.  (<–click to article.)  Worse yet, some of the things we eat actually deplete our bodies of necessary vitamins.  Yikes!

Poor posture causes back pain, too.   Poor posture is often caused by poor habits–slouching, leaning to one side, sitting with your head way forward, ‘forgetting’ to stretch.  If you have the feeling that you are curling forward it’s time to stretch.  Get your arms up and back, (<– click to article.)  squeeze your shoulder blades to your spine, lift your chin.

You may have noticed that all of the most common causes of back pain are things that can easily be fixed.  But you have to take action!

Take control of your posture and nutrition, get moving and USE your body and you can get rid of the most common causes of pain in your back.  🙂




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