If your back pain won’t go away and stay away, maybe it just can’t.

Here are several possible reasons:

1.  Muscle memory.  You might be able to relax or release the muscles just enough so your pain lessens but it comes back because your muscles “remember” that they are supposed to be in spasm.  You can change this.

2.  Old age.  You may think that you cannot get better because you are “getting old.”  You are most likely wrong.

3.  Trigger points.  Muscles elsewhere or other soft tissues (not bones) have developed trigger points that are “firing” into your painful back muscles.  You can get rid of trigger points.

4.  Nutritional deficiencies.  If your muscles aren’t getting the minerals and other nutrients they need, that will cause back pain to continue.  You can correct this, too.

5.  Muscle imbalances.  If your muscles are out of balance–some a bit too strong or tight and others a little weak–that’ll cause back pain.  You can get them back into balance.

6.  Thoughts.  If you have stressful thoughts, that can keep or create back pain.  When you feel stressed or angry, your muscles will tighten up or cramp.

Does someone give you a “pain in the back.”  That can do it!  Time for an “attitude adjustment?”

Just understanding why you hurt is half the battle.

What’s the solution?  Check out the folks at Back Pain Natural Relief (<– click here) They have lots of great information to help you get rid of your back pain naturally.


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