I received the cutest email today from a man who has knots in his back.  He said he loves to slouch but when he does he gets pain in his upper back and in his head.

He loves to slouch.

He gets pain when he slouches.

His question was whether therapy would help him get rid of the pain.

But he said he knows it comes from slouching and he just loves slouching on the couch so much!

Well, I told him that he already knows the answer.  In fact, he did a really good job of diagnosing where the pain comes from.

I also said that if the therapist helps him get a strong back and relax the muscles in the front of his body and neck it would help a lot.  Mostly, it will help keep him out of slouching positions.

And since his body will be more balanced, if he does still slouch once in a while, it won’t be so likely to cause the pain in his jaw and the knots in his back.


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