Here’s a good analogy about getting rid of back pain that involves unlocking the door to your home.

Treating symptoms without treating the Cause of the symptoms is like trying to unlock your door by turning the key but leaving the deadbolt locked.

It just doesn’t work.

When therapy or surgery isn’t successful it is because the key was turned (your symptoms were treated) but the deadbolt (the Cause of your symptoms) wasn’t unlocked (taken care of.)

You have over 600 muscles.  They act like a team.  They work together.  Rarely is only one the primary culprit.

You might feel the pain in a very specific place in your back, leg, hip, neck or foot but it could be actually coming from a distant part of your body.

You cannot get rid of your pain unless you unlock ALL of the muscles that are involved.  You have to look at the big picture–your whole body.  Just ‘fixing’ a little area won’t normally do the job of getting rid of your back pain.


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