When your back hurts you might think you will have back pain forever.  But that’s not usually true!

You have a smart body.  Your back pain is a message.  Your body is telling you that it is not happy about something that is happening.

There are a lot of causes for back pain but most involve your muscles.

Muscles are the most commonly overlooked cause of pain.

Muscles move joints, bones, disks in your spine and press on nerves.

Muscles rule!

Here’s a back pain healing story:

Sharon said, “My mom’s been having a lot of back pain lately.  She tried one massage and hurt more afterward so she’s afraid to try again.  She’s going to have hospital tests next week.”

I called Lisa and asked her about her back pain symptoms.  (Remember:  Pain is a symptom – your body is telling you something.)

I listened while Lisa told me where it hurt, how her symptoms had been growing worse and what her doctor said.

She even told me what she suspected caused her back pain.

I told her she was probably correct about the cause of her pain.  It sounded logical to me and bodies are logical.

When she drove her car, she would “hover” her foot over the brake pedal in case she needed to respond quickly.

That put a lot of strain on her emotionally and it put a lot of strain on her muscles, too.  Tight muscles can press on nerves. They can cause symptoms.

Her doctor had told her to, “Just wait it out.  It will go away on its own.”

I told her that was wise of her doctor.

I explained why doctors do so many fewer surgeries now for back pain.  In many, many cases there was no relief. (That’s because the doctors were chasing a symptom rather than actually taking care of the cause.  The cause may well have been muscular–it usually is!)

I also explained how a nerve needs only a whisper of anything pressing on it to cause symptoms.

If you take that barest of pressures off the nerve it will settle down.

Sometimes it’s as easy as changing positions.  I suggested a relaxation position which would take pressure off Lisa’s back.

I told her about other people I knew whose back pain had healed naturally.

We made an appointment for Lisa to see me the following week.  But when I walked into the waiting room to get Lisa, she wasn’t there.

Her daughter was there!

Sharon said, “My mom hasn’t had any pain in four days so I came in her place.”

She continued, “My mom said the strangest thing.  She said, ‘I don’t have to have pain for the rest of my life‘.”

One of the things I told Lisa and that I am telling you now is that you DO NOT have to have back pain for the rest of your life.

Your body is a wonderful machine.  It is designed to be healthy and last for years and years.  It is designed to heal.

Bruises heal, cuts heal, broken bones heal, even surgeries heal and surgeries are BIG injuries.  Your body is designed to heal!

You do not have to have back pain for the rest of your life.  You can feel better. Educate yourself.  This is a good place to start. Discover much more about your body and your back and how to heal naturally.

Will it take some work on your part?  Perhaps a few changes in the way you do things?  Maybe strengthening your back and doing movements to improve your posture?

Will you have to put out some money to learn what you need to do in a self-help program?  Or to hire a muscle therapist to help?

There’s a good chance.  But you are worth it.  You really can get rid of the pain in your back.

You do not have to have back pain forever.  Take it from me.  I’m the Pain Relief Coach.


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