Some people have too little curve behind their waist and some have too much curve.  This article is for the flat-backed folks.

You used to have a curve in your lower back behind your waist.  The curve pointed inward toward your belly.  In fact, you HAD to have that curve in order to learn to walk.

But then you started spending more and more time sitting and less and less time using your legs.   🙁

And maybe you sat in poorly supported or slouching positions.  Maybe you use a laptop computer that kind of  ‘forces’ you to have lousy posture.

So now you have lower back muscle strain?  Of course.

Here’s a cool and easy way to get the curve back behind your waist.  Use a Nada Chair to support your waist when you are sitting or driving your truck.  I’m not affiliated with Nada Chair but I have this tool and I really, really like using it!

Here’s the link: There are pictures there and more information.  It’s a good way to start getting your lower back curve again and get rid of muscle strain in your low back.


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