When your lower back muscles are tight, they are not in the mood to stretch or be stretched.  But gentle, repetitive, tiny movements can help them relax.

If you have pain in your lower back small movements work better than trying to “stretch it out.”

I’m looking at a device in a catalog that helps you move in a slow, rhythmic way while you lay on your back.  In fact, this device actually does the movements for you and it costs $199.  But, do you know what?

You can do them yourself without the device.  🙂

The idea is that by doing slow, subtle, thoughtful movements in a rhythmic motion–slightly up and slightly down, slightly back and forth, slightly side to side–you won’t aggravate already irritated muscles.  This is easiest to do when you are laying on your back.

Instead, by moving in this way, you will move blood through your tight muscles to help them relax.  The movement acts like a pump.  And you will move the lymph fluid through your tissues to reduce swelling (inflammation.)

Another benefit is that your muscles will become a bit stronger.  Why?  Because you will be using them in a more balanced way.

How often?

At least twice a day but more often if you prefer.  Take pressure off your spine by making these small movements to relax your muscles.

It’s almost always your muscles and moving in this simple way–with tiny movements in many directions–helps increase your circulation and helps muscles relax naturally.


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2 Comments on Gentle Movement Therapy Gives Lower Back Pain Relief

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks! I just experimented with this right before I decided to Google to see if anyone else had thought of it. It seems to be helping! It’s nice to know some of the science behind it.

  2. Hi Bob, Thanks!

    Does that mean I am ahead of the curve? 🙂 Glad you are doing this and that it’s helping. So often equipment tries to take over movements that we are actually able to do ourselves–that are GOOD for us to do on our own.

    We get into pain when we stop using all of our muscles. This subtle movement can help prevent and get rid of back pain. Keep on moving!