Laurie had low back pain.  She only came to see me (I’m a neuromuscular massage therapist) because her neighbor insisted.  She was already scheduled for lower back surgery.

The thing about surgery is it creates permanent changes.

The thing about therapeutic massage is it assists the body in healing.  It is all-natural.  No weeks of healing from incisions.

Today lower back surgeries are done much less frequently than they used to be.  The reason for this is because so often the patient still had back pain after the surgery!

That is because the surgery was only hopefully correcting the symptom or the pain.

But something caused that symptom.  That cause is what we have to get rid of to stop the pain.  Massage therapy can do that.

Ok.  Not all massage therapy.  But massage provided by the hands of a skilled therapist who understands how bodies work–that can get rid of back pain symptoms.

100% of the time?  No.  But often; very often.

So back to Laurie.  After about ten sessions I told her I didn’t think she had to see me so often for massage therapy.  I suggested we wait a month.  I told her if she needed to see me in the meantime to call.

One month later I walked into the waiting room.  Laurie was there.  She had tears in her eyes. She said, “I never thought I would feel this well again.”

Sometimes you can’t get to a massage therapist for one reason or another.  Or you cannot find a highly skilled therapist.  That’s okay because there are a lot of things you can do to help yourself get better.  Claire Davies has excellent, easy to understand and use books about do-it-yourself trigger point therapy.  One of his books will be a good start.

Here’s how bodies work:  When your muscles are out of balance (too short, too tight, over-stretched) you have pain.  By getting muscles back into balance, you can get rid of all sorts of back pain.  How cool is that!



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