When your lower back hurts, it might just feel like a little muscle strain or you may have much more uncomfortable pain than that.

Whether it hurts a little or a lot, here’s a simple way to relax the muscles in your lower back:

Note:  Please read everything before you try this.

It involves getting down on the floor.  Do this only if you are certain that you can get back up, feeling as you feel now. Or, make sure to have someone around to help you in case you need help.

Lay on the floor. Position yourself so that your tailbone is close to a chair or couch or even a table. You will be placing your calves on this piece of furniture.

Have this picture in your mind before you start:

Your hip joints and knee joints will be bent in right angles (90 degree angles.) Your calves will be parallel to the floor.

Place both calves onto the couch or furniture. Get your “sit bones” as close as you can to the couch.

Now all you have to do is lay there. Fifteen minutes would be great.

The more pain you are having, the longer you should rest in this position. It relaxes the low back and all of the muscles which attach to the back.

You could use this position several times a day if you are in a lot of pain. Or you could use it once a day when you feel the need.

There is a second part which I will share with you next time.

Remember, breathing is not only necessary but it is a good way to relax.

Sometimes we hold our breath when we have pain. But breathing when you are in a relatively comfortable position can help your muscles relax, too.

When you are laying down, practice breathing in a way which will expand your chest and back.  Try to make all of your ribs move, one section at a time.  That will help the muscles around your spine to relax.

Pay attention to the rhythm of your breath and allow your lower back muscles to relax.


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