Lower back pain?  Last time we talked about a simple method to relieve your low back pain.  Here’s Part Two.

The last lower back pain relief article ( <–click here to read) said to lay on the floor with your legs at 90 degree angles at the hip and knee. Both calves were supported on a chair seat or similar piece of furniture.

Please click on the link and read everything before you go on. Thank you!

Here is the second part of the movement to relax your back.

Please read all of these directions first, so you understand what to do before you start.

You will already have figured out which piece of furniture you will use. You will have chosen something which is the correct height to prop your calves on.

Now, you have to determine whether that piece of furniture or a different one will allow you to do the following movements. Also, you need to determine whether you can get into position by yourself or whether you will need assistance from someone else.

Once you are on your back on the floor and in the supported-calf position, here’s what to do next.

Shift your hips over toward the outside edge of the furniture. One calf will still be supported but your outside leg is now placed flat on the floor.

  • One leg is still up on the chair or footstool with your hip and knee at 90 degrees.
  • The other leg is flat on the floor, in line with your body.
  • Keep the toes of the flat leg that’s on the floor pointed toward the ceiling. Don’t let that foot flop outward. If you need to you can prop that foot with a pillow or some books to keep your toes pointed toward the ceiling.
  • And just lay there.

After half the amount of time you have decided you can allot, move over or move the furniture so that you can place the flat leg back up on the chair. Let your other leg be flat on the floor.

Remember, the more your back hurts, the longer the time you should spend in these positions.

A minimum of five to fifteen minutes per position would be a good starting place. That is a total of twenty to sixty minutes.

You may do this as often as you like. If you can manage several times a day, or longer sessions, that is good.

And while you are laying there, remember to pay attention to your breathing.  Breathe into your neck, your midback, your low back, your hips.

Breathe so your chest rises. Make your belly rise. Breathe into your thighs.

Make all of your ribs move.

If you can’t really feel your breath everywhere yet, then pretend you can.

Your body has wonderful healing powers.

Your body wants to be well.

It can be well.

Sometimes it just needs some attention, some time to be still and heal, and some time to breathe.

Don’t be disappointed if you have a temporary relapse. That happens sometimes while we are in a healing stage. You know, two steps forward and one step back? And then two more steps forward.  🙂

You are on the road to getting rid of your lower back pain.


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