Surgery for lower back pain is not offered nearly as much as it used to be.  The reason is because it so often did not help; many patients still had the same pain afterward.

Bill had surgery and still had the same pain after he healed.  He ended up coming to have therapeutic massage and was surprised when I pressed on certain muscles near his waist.  They were tight!

Helping those muscles to relax got rid of a lot of his lower back pain.  But that wasn’t all.

In Bill’s case, he had a difference in the lengths of his legs.  One was almost 2″ shorter than the other!

When you are walking around on legs that have that much difference (or even much less) you will certainly develop low back pain.  You cannot avoid it.

When I noticed this and explained it to Bill he said, “Huh.  No doctor ever told me that.  Do you know who told me that?  My tailor.”

Bill’s tailor always had to shorten one pant leg.  His TAILOR knew.  His DOCTORS did not.

Looking for the cause of low back pain just wasn’t part of their training.  Fixing symptoms was.

Please do not think for one minute that I am being disrespectful to doctors and surgeons.  I love them!  They can do tremendous things that save peoples’ lives.  But sometimes they do surgeries that truly aren’t needed.

So how do you fix a short leg if that is the cause of your lower back pain?

It’s really pretty simple.  Figure out approximately how much one leg is shorter.  Get the shoes for that leg only lifted.  That means put a lift under the whole sole of the shoe.  A shoe repairman or cobbler can do this.

You may still want to have massage or muscle balance therapy to release muscles that are stuck in the old position.

Surgery should always be your very last option to consider and only if the severity of your condition warrants it.  And only if you are sure that a leg length difference is not the cause of your lower back pain.


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