Low Back PainIf you have lower back pain or sciatica here’s something you should know.

There is a muscle on each side of your waist called the quadradus lumborum or QL.

It is also called “the muscle from hell” and “the four-sided devil.”

See the dark red muscle at the waist on the far side of this illustration?  That’s it on the left back side of a body.  It attaches to the lower ribs, the spine and the hip bone.  The outer side of the QL is open. (Those are the 4 sides.)

That one in the picture is short or contracted.  It is in spasm.

As you can see in the picture, when the QL shortens or contracts, it pulls on the hip bone.  It pulls on the ribs.  And it pushes the disks and bones of the lower spine into nerve roots on the opposite side of your spine.

THAT’s why it’s called the four-sided devil.  It can cause enough pain to put a strong man on a stretcher in an ambulance.

The good news is that the QL is a muscle–and muscles can be treated naturally. 🙂

I’d like to invite you to visit Back Pain Natural Relief (<–click here.)  The good folks there have put together a great self-help program to help you get your muscles back in balance and get rid of your pain naturally.

You will learn a lot just by visiting them.

When you go to their website there is a ton of information about how muscles cause back pain.  They will explain how uneven wear on your muscles can end up causing an “event” like sciatica or lower back pain caused by the QL muscle.

The problem with conventional medical treatment is that the doctors and therapists treat symptoms–they often don’t look for the cause of your pain.  That’s what they learned to do in medical school.

But the folks at Back Pain Natural Relief teach you the cause of your back pain and show you what to do for it.

It’s not “one size fits all” therapy–it’s specific to your body.  Pretty cool, huh?

Whether it’s the four-sided devil or some other muscles  causing your painful back (the cause of back pain is almost always muscles) you can settle it down and get rid of the pain in your lower back naturally.


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