Lori was on the verge of having surgery for the pain in her lower back.  Her neighbor insisted that she see me first.  I’m a neuromuscular massage therapist and specialize in pain relief.

Bodies are really smart.  They get pain for reasons.  Usually the reasons involve muscles.  And that’s good news!

Because muscles can be treated. 🙂

According to one researcher, muscles are probably responsible for 90% of our pain.


Back to Lori.

Even though she was a very active, athletic woman she had back pain that was interfering with her life.  And her doctor offered surgery.

And when you are desperate you are willing to try anything to get relief.

She really wasn’t sure that I could do anything to help but was willing to try.

So I assessed Lori’s muscles and started feeling them and treating them.  The muscles along her lower spine and between the hip bones and ribs were tight.  They were causing her pain.

I figured we would have about 12 sessions until she felt all the way better.

Soon she started to feel better but some weeks she felt a little worse.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Sometimes that happens.

Around session #9 or 10 I told Lori I didn’t think she needed to come back the next week.  How about next month?  I told her that if she felt she needed to come in sooner she could call.

When I saw Lori the next month she had tears in her eyes.  She said, “I never thought I would feel this good again.”

Bodies are amazing.  Sometimes all they need is a little assistance to get back to where they used to be before there was pain.  Sometimes you just need a little more information to help your body heal.

Lori came to see me but there are many things you can learn to do on your own.  Sometimes you can be your own therapist!

You can find more answers to your questions about back pain and natural relief by clicking on the link below.


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