Does massage get rid of back pain?  A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine said it can.  (And that is no surprise to me!)

The study compared patients in three groups:

1.  Conventional medical treatment of medicine and exercises
2.  Structural massage (deeper pressure)
3.  Swedish massage (more gentle form of massage)

Guess who won?  🙂

1.  4% improvement in back pain for medicine and exercises
2.  37% improvement in back pain for structural massage
3.  And a 37% improvement for Swedish massage recipients

And the folks who had the conventional medical treatment spent more time in bed and were less active.  Now, only 4% seems quite low to me for that treatment but, actually, 37% improvement for massage also seems low to me.

One hour of professional massage a week was enough to deliver results and either type of massage helped.

Here’s an article to help you find a massage therapist who can help you:  (click this link–>)



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