Do you have pain or discomfort on one side of your spine?  It’s probably muscles that are tight.

There are several layers of muscle next to each side of your spine.  The largest, longest muscles are closest to the outside of your body.  The smaller, shorter ones are closest to your spine bones.

And any of them can go into spasm or contraction.

Your muscles all belong to the same union.  When one of them becomes unhappy they invite their brothers to join them in complaining.  What does this mean?  You might not have only one muscle causing your pain.

When one muscle is ‘tight’ it pulls on bones and other muscles.  One muscle in contraction can cause other muscles to also go into contraction.

Sometimes it’s a more serious problem but most often back pain is muscle-related.  (And remember:  I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving you a diagnosis.)  (But if I were and I did, I’d probably say, “It’s just muscles!”)

What helps get rid of muscle pain next to your spine?

1.  Professional massage can help by manipulating the muscles and helping them relax or soften.

2.  Tennis Ball Therapy can help.

4.  Two tennis balls or similar balls tied in a sock will let you treat both sides of your spine at the same time.

5.  If you just developed the pain on your spine, use cold therapy.

6.  If it’s been over 2-3 full days, you can use heat or alternate cold packs and heat packs.

7.  Self-massage helps.  Apply pressure with an S-shaped pressure point tool such as the TheraCane.

Muscles cause almost ALL of our pain.  And they are commonly overlooked.  A diagnostic test may show a displaced spine bone or disk but it didn’t move by itself.  It can’t!

When the muscles are in contraction or spasm they move bones and disks.  When you get rid of the spasm in the muscles, the disks and bones can move back to their correct place and you can be rid of the pain next to your spine.  🙂



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