Here’s how neck pain starts.  Your neck is attached to your shoulders.  And to your upper back.  And to your chest and abdomen.  And to your lower back. Your legs.  Feet, too.

Your neck muscles got tight and crabby because all of those muscles from all over your body were pulling on your neck and head.

When your head started moving forward (because the muscles in the front of your body were pulling it)  in front of your body instead of over it–when your perfect posture started to collapse–gravity was able to grab your head and started pulling on it.

It’s a lot of work for your neck muscles to hold up your heavy head when gravity is pulling on it.  That’s not their job!  The job of muscles is to help you move.  The job of bones is to hold you up.

So your neck muscles got tight because they were working way too hard trying to hold your head up where it belongs.

Those same tight neck muscles pull or push on your cervical spine (your neck bones.)  After being pulled on for a while, those neck bones can develop bony “points” called bone spurs.  Bone spurs can press into the nerves around your neck and cause pain and symptoms like headaches, neck pain, arm and hand pain.

Having your head in front of your body also causes upper back pain, lower back pain and other body dysfunctions.

So, what’s the cure?

1.  Correct your posture by strengthening the muscles on your whole back side from knees to head.

2.  Stretch and lengthen the muscles on the front side of your body.  (Not just your neck.)

3.  Relax the muscles around your neck on all sides.  You can do this with ice packs or ice massage.  You can also do this with massage and pressure which you can apply yourself or by a professional massage therapist.

I know it may feel like all of your pain comes from your back side but that’s just where the symptoms start.  The CAUSE is most often the muscles in the FRONT of your body.


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2 Comments on Neck Pain – How To Get Rid Of The Pain In Your Neck

  1. susan o'brien says:

    i have been having neck and shoulder pain for years now,i even been to the message thearpist and chriopractor which only help temporaly. I like to try a new kind of healing. thanks Susan.

  2. Dear Susan,

    All massage therapists are not created equally. Some understand how bodies work and can actually help you get rid of problems. They can help you correct your posture and get rid of the reasons for your pain. Sadly, I would say that most cannot. You need to find a massage therapist who won’t just give you a nice rub for an hour. A nice rub does have benefits but it won’t help you get rid of your pain.

    And if the chiropractor didn’t actively make suggestions to help you get rid of your neck and shoulder pain, that’s why that didn’t help much either.

    If you follow the suggestions in the article (above) I think they will start to help you, Susan. One of the links takes you to which is another of my websites. It has lots of articles with ideas for exercises to strengthen your back that are so simple you can even do them in bed!

    So, your upper back and neck pain may be caused by poor posture or habits or positions. Or it might be because you have a rotation in your body. But whatever the cause is, if you or a professional can help you figure out the CAUSE you will be halfway home. 🙂

    Because when you get rid of the cause of your pain your body can start healing.

    Susan, I am glad you are ready to take action! I am proud of you. You have a smart body and it CAN heal and feel better. It just needs a little help from you. Well, maybe a lot of help, but that’s okay. You are worth it.

    Keep educating yourself here or at my other sites. Read articles that make sense to you. And whenever you learn something that can help, take action! Bodies are soooo logical.

    I hope this helps get you on the road to getting rid of your neck and shoulder pain.

    The Pain Relief Coach