Your spine is supposed to be shaped like this skeleton on the left.

Do you see the nice curves?

That’s how your spine is supposed to look.

But if you sit on your tailbone–if you are a ‘sacrum sitter’–instead of sitting flat on your ‘sit bones’, then you are almost guaranteed to have low back pain. There’s a good chance that this position will also push the disks out of place in your lower spine. Then they can bulge or become ruptured.

See the skeleton below? She has lost the curve in the lower back. This person is quite likely a sacrum sitter–she slouches and slumps instead of sitting on the sit bones.

When you were a little child you could get away with variations of posture.  That’s because children use all of their muscles all of the time.  Their muscles are balanced.

But when you grow up most people only use a some of their muscles.  You got out of muscular balance.

But that’s okay because bodies heal all the time.  Bodies are capable of changing.  Do you have to take action?  You surely do; there is no way around it.

But you can do it!  There is a lot of good information here at Simple Back Pain Relief to help you learn how to correct your posture and stop straining the muscles that are causing your lower back pain.

In a nutshell:  Your spine is supposed to be balanced.  That’s what the curves are for.

When you lose the curve in your lower back, it creates muscle strain and it might allow the spine bones to press on nerves.  It also allows the disks to move out of their normal position.

Then the disks might press on nerves.  When nerves are pressed by bones, disks or muscles in the lower back or buttocks they cause sciatica.

But the good news is that you have a smart body and it can change.  You may need some help from a really skilled massage therapist.  You might need to do a lot of research into places like this that help with natural pain relief.  You might even have to buy a do-it-yourself program to help.

And it will take some time.  Don’t give up.  It took you a long time to get into this posture and it will take a while to correct it.

You have to believe in the ability of your body to heal.  Even severe back pain can get a lot better. It happens all the time.

So now you have a better understanding of the cause (and treatment!) of pain in your lower back.


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