What is the best treatment for sciatica?  And what IS sciatica, anyway?

You have a very large nerve that runs through your hip.  There is one on each side of your body.  This nerve is about the size of your finger in diameter.

When you have sciatic pain or nervy pain in your hip (butt) or leg it’s caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Nerves hate pressure!  If another part of your body–a bone or muscle–presses on your sciatic nerve it will complain by giving you nervy pain.

Discs in your spine that are “bulging” can press on the sciatic nerve.  (But what caused the discs to bulge?)  So can bone sometimes.  And so can the muscle in your hip (butt) called the piriformis.  (But why?)

When the pressure comes from the piriformis muscle, it is often referred to as “false sciatica” or piriformis syndrome.  (A “syndrome” is a collection of symptoms.  Symptoms are things like numbness, pain or uncomfortable sensations.)

It’s very possible to have more than one thing pressing on your nerve.  That’s okay.  It just means that you will need treatment in more than one area.

Here’s the good news!  It’s not all that hard to treat naturally.  The success rate for treating the muscles that pull discs into the sciatic nerve are good.  Releasing or relaxing the tight gluteal muscle (piriformis) that presses on the nerve is also good.

Getting rid of the CAUSE of your sciatica is the best way to get rid of that nervy discomfort.  The sciatica is just a symptom–it means that something is pressing on the nerve.  Your job is to figure out what is annoying that nerve and get rid of whatever it is.

There is an all-natural program that can help you get rid of your sciatic pain and get your muscles back into balance.  Just click here —> Back Pain Freedom and you can read all about it and about how your body functions, too.  The page I’m sending you to has lots of good pictures to help you understand your sciatica.


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