I used to have a side-to-side (lateral) scoliosis.  The sleeves on my shirts or coats were always short on one side and long on the other.  That was a symptom but I didn’t know it.

I thought I had one arm that was much longer than the other.  I didn’t realize that my body was rotated and one shoulder was a few inches farther forward than the other.

I used to have pain on my left upper shoulder at my neck.  That was also a symptom.

Migraine headaches were another symptom.  A twisted spine causes a lot of strain at the base of the brain.  That can cause very severe headaches.

A “symptom” means something is wrong.  The “something” was muscles that had become out of balance along my spine.  Some were shorter and tighter than they should have been.  That caused side to side curves.  It also caused me to rotate–to twist–and that’s what caused my “longer arm.”

But it wasn’t really longer.  And now, my sleeves are all the same length.   🙂

How did I get rid of my scoliosis and get the muscles back into balance?

It took a lot of work.  I went to a very special muscle pain specialist in Florida named Paul St. John.  He’s at the St. John-Clark Clinic in Florida.  Boy, does he know how to work muscles!  And how to assess posture to figure out what the cause of the problem is.

I took a lot of my experience with Paul and put it into a program to help people get rid of muscle knots in their upper back.  I also took my own experience from working with many hundreds of people who had back pain over the years and added that, too.

You might not think “knots” in your upper back are a problem but they may be part of your symptoms.  The same thing that causes your knots may be causing your scoliosis.

And scoliosis can be “a little” or “a lot.”

Sometimes there isn’t a simple, natural cure but very often there is.  And if you can get rid of your twists and tilts and turns naturally, it is much easier on your body.

I hope this helps.  And now, I’d like to invite you to claim a free report about the causes of muscle knots in your upper back at http://KnotsInYourBack.com.

By treating the muscles that cause your back spasms, you just may be able to get rid of your scoliosis naturally as I did.


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