Is there a cause for your scoliosis?  Well, bodies are logical.  Things happen for reasons.

Makes sense, right?

It could be that your foundation is tilting.

But many doctors say the curve in your spine is idiopathic.

“Idiopathic” means “no known cause.”  But almost everything has a cause. 

One reader told me the doctor said his curves were idiopathic and that meant natural.  He said there was nothing to do because the bones in the spine were nicely shaped.  He did not see a reason for the scoliosis in x-rays of the spine.

But something is causing these curves.  They are not happening without a reason, right?

  • It could be caused by short muscles on one side of the body.  This could be from injury or habitually using one position.
  • It could be a short leg or flat arch on one foot.  That is true for 1/10 of us.
  • It could be that one hip bone is smaller than the other.  That is true for 1/100 of us.

It’s too bad more doctors don’t know much about muscles and how bodies work.  It’s too bad they don’t look farther down the body to see what might be causing the spine to tilt and curve.

Do you have neck pain?  Your neck is the last part of the scoliosis.

When my own scoliosis was more pronounced, I had pain only in my neck.  Scoliosis can start from the feet up.  Mine was caused by one very very flat arch (arch supports to the rescue!)  🙂

Scoliosis makes it easier to have neck pain because the bones and muscles are no longer aligned perfectly.

If the foundation (your lower body) is tilting the building (your upper body and neck) is tilting!

Depending on the severity of your scoliosis you may be able to try to stretch the curve out of your body.  Stretch the side that appears shorter.

It’s ok to stretch both sides but stretch the shorter side 4 times as much.

If you have massage therapy to help you get rid of the curves that are causing distress, make sure the therapist can look at your body and find the cause of your scoliosis.  Some know how to measure bodies.  Most don’t.

And when you figure out the cause, the therapist will work on the short, tight muscles on the short side (inside) of the curve 4 times as much as the outer side of the curve.

And a therapy like yoga which makes your muscles long and strong–that’s how muscles like to be–may also help.  If you really look hard at a lot of the professional yoga instructors you will see they have asymmetrical bodies.  Yoga has helped them feel better.

Bodies are logical.  There is a reason that you have scoliosis.  Sometimes it’s harder to correct because the cause is in the shape of the spine bones.

But sometimes it’s fairly easy to correct the cause of your scoliosis naturally.


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2 Comments on What Is The Cause Of Your Scoliosis?

  1. Aditi says:

    This is a great website with some great articles. I, myself, have been suffering from shoulder and lower-back pain and am trying out the techniques given here.
    Am already a part of your mailing list (that was when I had started getting knots in my shoulder) and look forward to more such interesting and knowledgeable articles.

  2. Thank you Aditi,

    I look forward to sharing more self-help information with you and appreciate your kind words. I look forward to you getting rid of your shoulder and lower back pain naturally! 🙂

    The Pain Relief Coach