Can yoga exercises get rid of your back pain?

Last week two different people wrote to tell me how much difference yoga made in their pain.  And did you know there are yoga classes specifically for people with back pain?

The really good thing about the practice of yoga movements is they make your muscles long and strong.  Muscles LOVE to be long and strong.

We get into pain when our muscles get out of balance–some too strong and some too weak.  Yoga helps them get into balance.

We also get into pain when the muscles in the front of our bodies get short and tight.  That happens because of daily life.  Unless you do something to counteract your daily movements, you can easily get out of muscular balance.

And into pain.

Here’s the link to another article about the benefits of yoga and headaches. (<– click here.)

If you can find a yoga class for people with back pain or a class that starts off gently, you may discover that you can use yoga to get rid of the pain in your back naturally.  🙂

And if you don’t find a local class, here’s one online:  Yoga Online (<– click here.)


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