Tennis balls make really nice tools to get rid of the knots in your back.  This doesn’t work for all knots, however.

(1)  I recommend laying on a tennis ball so gravity and the weight of your body do all the work.  Place the ball under your body as you lie on your back.  Let the ball press on a muscle knot for about 5 minutes and then shift a bit to the next most tender knot.

(2) You can also put a tennis ball in a sock or sack and hold it behind you with the open end of the sack in your hand.  Then you can lean against a wall and the ball will be between you and the wall.

I believe it’s more effective to use the floor but you might not want to lie down at work.  🙂

Here’s the e-mail response I got from Rich about tennis ball therapy and the knots in his back.  He has some good ideas!

> Hello Kathryn,
> Tried the tennis balls but I just crushed them.  Switched to Lacrosse balls
> and they seem to help. However, when you hit the “spot”, it will bring tears
> to your eyes.

(3)  I found that if I start at the neck with two, one on each side
> of the spine, and gradually work my way down, I can make slow and steady
> progress.

(4)  I had trouble breaking the muscles free so I started slowly
> moving my arms from waist to over my head. Sort of like making a snow angel
> motion.

> The muscles have to bounce over the ball. Also from the side to vertical and
> from waist to over my head with my hands together. All the different arm
> motions to work the muscles over the balls. Been doing it every day with
> slow and steady improvement – or I’m just learning to tolerate the pain!!  🙂

> I do know the muscle knots have softened considerably.
> Rich (by email)

I suggested to Rich that he place two balls in a sock and tie the end.  Then he will have a nice tool to use on both sides of his spine at the same time.

Rich is using the same movements and techniques that I do for myself.

When he moves the muscles on his back he is also moving the spine bones and rib bones.  Since the ribs wrap around your chest, that means the muscles on the front side of your body are also being treated as the bones move and that’s good!

Note:  If you have fragile bones you will NOT want to do this.

If your knots don’t respond to tennis ball therapy that means they cannot.  It means the problem is in other muscles or body parts and the knots are just symptoms.

But sometimes it does work and now you have 4 ways to use a tennis ball as a tool to get rid of the knots in your back naturally.


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2 Comments on Four Ways to Use a Tennis Ball to Get Rid of Knots in Your Back Naturally!

  1. Christopher says:

    This tennis ball trick has been a tremendous help. I can get the pressure right where I need it and I have no soreness the next day. Thank you for this great idea!

  2. Thank you, Christopher! You are very welcome. It works great for tight gluteal (buttock) muscles and sides of thighs, too. It’s a great little self-help tool. 🙂

    The Pain Relief Coach