Do you really mean it when you say that someone gives you ‘a pain in the back’?   If they cause a lot of stress for you, that could be exactly what’s happening.

We tend to use words that describe how we feel.  Getting a pain in the back, the neck, the rear–those are all real feelings that can turn into real honest-to-goodness pain.

Stressful emotions can cause back pain.  Here’s how:

Think of a stressful situation or person for a moment.

What happens to your body when you feel stressed?  Some part gets tight.  Muscles get tense.

Is it your jaw?  Your upper shoulders?  Or, do the muscles in your lower back tighten up?

How can you get rid of the pain in your back naturally?

  1. Meditation can help.  When you learn to meditate you become an observer.  Things are not so stressful because you just let them happen without emotional involvement.
  2. Breathing can help.  Deep, even breathing settles down bodies.
  3. Exercise helps.  We were born to move!  When we stop moving, stress builds up.  You need active movement!  Choose something you enjoy and JUST DO IT!

This may seem very simplistic.  In fact, way too simple especially if you have a lot of pain.  But here’s the deal:

Bodies heal all the time.

The more help you, yourself, can give your body the quicker your back pain can heal.  You have a smart body and it wants to be well.  It just needs some help from you.

If you change the way you respond to stressors, you will feel better.  If you learn meditation or breathing exercises you will focus on something other than the stressful event.  You will be more relaxed and so will your back.

And what does balanced exercise do for your back?  It helps your muscles get back in the game.  It wakes up muscles that have been sleeping and got lazy.  Movement gets the blood flowing into the tissues and gets the lymph flowing, too.

Even if you can barely move right now because of back pain, try this:  Put yourself into the most comfortable position possible.  Take deep, even breaths.  Direct them into the painful area of your back.

Imagine that your breathing is soothing and massaging your tight back muscles.  It is.

Imagine that more blood is flowing into your tight muscles.  It is.

Imagine that your muscles are starting to relax.  They are.

And, remember, bodies heal all the time.  That includes yours.  You CAN get rid of your back pain naturally!  🙂



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