If you have pain in your lower back it may be because you have lost the natural curve behind your waist.

Do you slouch and slump?  Does the area behind your waist feel flat rather than slightly curved?  A swimming pool can help.

If your pain is in your upper back that can be for the same reason; you have lost the natural curve in your low back.  That makes your head move forward and causes strain on your upper back muscles and a swimming pool can help.

Water acts as resistance and also massages your muscles as you move through it.  Swimming is excellent if you know how and if it doesn’t aggravate your pain.

Any body of water is good to exercise in but a swimming pool has the advantage of edges to hold onto.

Hold onto the edge of the pool with your arms outstretched and kick your legs.  That will help strengthen your legs and hips.  And guess what? 

Your legs are attached to your back via muscles! 

When you are kicking in this position you dropping your belly and lifting your tail–you are making a curve behind your waist.  Your muscles will start to remember where they used to be. 🙂

Every now and then reverse the curve in your lower back.  Give it a break.  Move into the opposite position but only to your comfort level.

The idea is to keep using ALL of the muscles in your spine in ALL directions.  That’s what keeps spines flexible and back pain levels down.



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