Research shows that when you lack certain minerals your muscles get unhappy.  You only need very small amounts.  What’s the best way to get these minerals?

Eating a very healthy diet (not the conventional American diet with lots of highly processed foods) is a good start.  Dark green veggies, nuts and seeds, and other real foods have minerals and vitamins, too.

Processed foods not only may not provide you with what your muscles need but some of the ingredients actually steal the minerals you do have in your body!

An additional way to promote muscle health and reduce muscle pain is to take a potent mineral supplement or a vitamin-mineral supplement.

The best place to find supplements is at health food stores.  An employee at a health food store can help you decide on a good multi-mineral supplement.  I like the liquid-based ones (but they tend to not taste so good.)

The drug store stuff is perhaps enough to keep you from illness but not get you or your muscles into wellness.

There is a difference.  Your goal is to be pain-free and well, and not just cover up symptoms with pain medicine.


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