Did you know there are natural anti-inflammatories?   Ginger and pineapple are two.

Swelling or inflammation can cause back pain by pressing on nerves.  It can also lessen blood flow to muscles.

I’m not an expert in herbs but here’s what I know about how to use ginger.

Of course, it’s in ginger ale and ginger  cookies and I believe in my heart that is a very therapeutic combination!   🙂  But ginger ale from the supermarket has HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in it and that’s not good for us.  And, then there are the calories to consider, too.

You can buy ginger tea in tea bags, either straight or in an herbal blend.  And ginger can be purchased in capsules at the health food store, in case you don’t care for the taste.

You can brew your own ginger tea.  Just buy a chunk of fresh ginger from the supermarket and slice off a piece and boil it for several minutes to make your own tea.  Make it as strong or weak as you like and keep the extra in the ‘fridge.

You can find information on how to use bromelain (the pineapple enzyme) at


You can eat it fresh, or rub it onto your skin.  You can also get it at health food stores.  According to the World Health site, some doctors recommend taking up to 3,000 MCU 3 times a day for several days, and then decreasing the dose to 3 daily 2,000 MCU.  (MCU is a measuring unit.)

So, spice up your life and reduce your back pain and  inflammation with  the natural remedies of ginger and bromelain.


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