Here are Ten Simple Pain Relief “Secrets” for Pain In Your Back:

1.  Be responsible for your own wellness.  No one cares about your pain as much as you do.  You might have to do your own research and make decisions to take action or change behaviors.

2.  Take good care of your body:  feed it wholesome foods and avoid fake foods and additives.  Highly processed food has all of the nutrition stripped away.  Sure, sometimes some stuff is added back in but don’t be fooled–most of the good stuff is gone.  Also, chemicals are added which bodies do NOT like.  Muscles need minerals to function well so consider taking a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.

3.  Reduce your stress.  Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, walking or other exercise can all help.

4.  Improve your posture.  One of the videos in the Knots In Your Back program will help you do that.

5.  Stretch in the correct directions.  Usually the muscles that need stretching are in the front of your body and the ones that complain are in the back.

6.  Breathe deeply.  Breathing deeply moves your ribs and muscles are attached to your ribs so it helps them relax.

7.  Get enough sleep.  And sleep in a position that doesn’t aggravate your back.

8.  Drink sufficient water.  When your muscles are well-hydrated they will function better.

9.  Become knowledgeable about your body and the causes of your pain and know this:  Back pain symptoms lie all the time.  Just because it hurts ‘there’ doesn’t mean the problem is ‘there.’

10.Do what you need to do to become pain-free, naturally.  Educate yourself and take action.

There you have it:  Ten “secrets” for getting rid of your back pain naturally.  🙂


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2 Comments on Ten Secrets For Natural Back Pain Relief

  1. Bobby williams says:

    I have pain and servere 🔥 right middle of shoulder blade. Started about a year ago but will come and go now it has been consistent for 2 week’s seems to be getting worse.. I’m use to the pain due to the 63 bolts and screws and 2 titanium rods in back but the consistent 🔥 on top of it makes for unbearable conditions any advice.

  2. Hi Bobby, Do you mean the pain is ON the back of the shoulder blade ON the right side of the blade?

    Or is the pain on the outer right edge of the shoulder blade? Sounds like you had quite an accident. Sorry to hear that. Are all the repairs on your spine?

    Thank you,

    The Pain Relief Coach