If you have spasms or knots around your shoulder blade there may be a simple cure for you.  Keep reading to discover simple tools you can use.

Therapeutic massage works to relieve knots by causing pressure on or around the areas of spasm or tightness (the knots.)  That increases the blood flow to the area and that, in turn, releases or relaxes your “knot.”

You can get a benefit similar to massage by applying your own pressure.  There are special tools for this.  One is called the Back Knobber.  Another is called the TheraCane.

These devices can be placed on your area of shoulder blade spasm and held in such a way that you create pressure on the knot.  Just as massage does, this pressure will help get more blood flowing into the tight area.  This pressure may cause your knot to release.

Another tool is the tennis ball.  When you lay on a tennis ball (or similar ball) find the most tender place and position the tennis ball there.  Then just lay there.  Pretty easy, huh?

In about 5 minutes you will notice that you don’t really feel the tennis ball so much.  That is because your muscles are relaxing.  🙂  You may have to move to another tender area to get full relief and lay there again for 5 minutes.

These tools are a great way to get rid of the knots in your back but sometimes they don’t work.

When they don’t help, the reason is because there is something somewhere else that is causing your knot.  In that case, your knot is a symptom.  (A symptom is caused by something.)

When you discover the cause of your knot and release (relax) that muscle or soft tissue, then the knot in your back will be able to go away and stay away.  🙂


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