Your back pain can get better naturally!  How do I know?

Bodies heal all the time.

You skin your knee.  It heals.

You break a bone.  It heals.

You catch a cold.  You get better.

But sometimes bodies need some help.  Sometimes you will need outside help to get better.

And most likely YOU will need to be the deciding factor.  YOU will need to take action just like this “disabled” vet and a former Pro Wrestler did.

I was so moved by this video that I want to share it with you.  I hope you will be inspired to take action.

I hope you will have a better understanding of how bodies and back pain can heal naturally.

And I was so curious about who these people were that I found more and share that with you, below, too.


From wikipedia:

The birth of the Yoga for Regular Guys Workout came in 1998 while Diamond Dallas Page was recovering from ruptures to his L4/L5 discs. He was reluctantly brought into power yoga with his wife Kimberly. While watching her daily workouts, he realized that yoga had benefits that he had not yet explored.[citation needed] Page regained his flexibility and strength that were hindered by his ruptured disks. His favorite kind of yoga (according to his “Yoga for Regular Guys” book) is “Power Yoga,” an Americanized version of “Ashtanga Style” yoga. Page worked with Dr. Craig Aaron, the “Yoga-Doc,”[citation needed] and made his own the Yoga for Regular Guys Workout.[1]

He then developed the book into a series of workout videos entitled DDPYoga (formerly YRG), directed by Mason Bendewald.

DDP helped Arthur Boorman a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years who was told by doctors he would never again be able to walk unassisted. Arthur who accepted that as fact almost gave up, With Diamond’s help Arthur managed to lose over 140lbs in 10 months thanks to specific videos from DDP. Arthur now can walk, jog and run all thanks to Diamond Dallas Page.

So here you have two stories of backs that healed naturally.  The former Pro Wrestler, DDP, and Arthur Boorman, former disabled veteran who doctors said “would never walk again unassisted.”

Did it take a lot of work?  You bet. You can see that in Arthurs’ workouts.

Was it worth it to get rid of their back pain naturally?

You bet!


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