Here is the response I got from Louise when I asked her if she had success getting rid of the muscle knots in her upper back.  You will discover the age of this vibrant woman in the last sentence of her message.  🙂

Yes,  I am much improved and I did it myself through massage and exercise. I have found lifting the rib cage when I take my mile walk helpful.

I do a 15 minute weight program using 4 lb. weights 4 times a week.  Every morning before getting out of bed I do a stretch routine I take a baby aspirin at bedtime and no more than twice a week I take one not two Aleves.

I am very careful about medication.  I entertain a great deal and play golf, bridge and I am in a book club but I am finding I am having to rest more.

The doctor tells me it could be because I am 87 year old.  Thanks for checking on me.  Louise

Here’s what I wrote back to Louise:

Good job!  I wish more people would be as proactive as you are.  🙂

Lifting the rib cage is always helpful.  I do it all day long.  Gravity sure does like to pull on us!

I am happy to hear you are so active.  That’s what’s keeping you young.

If you are not taking a good vitamin-mineral supplement you might consider doing that.  Some folks say we can get all we need from a good diet but the description of ‘good diet’ varies widely.

Louise, I am going to turn your email into an article to show people how they can take care of themselves because  I love sharing good healing stories like yours. 🙂

Keep taking good care of you,

The Pain Relief Coach


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