Here’s a quick stretching tip for pain in your lower back:

The muscles in the front of your thighs and the  insides of your thighs (where they touch each other) pull on your back.  The muscles in your thigh are actually attached to your pelvis and spine.  That means they PULL on your pelvis and spine.

They pull on your spinal bones, other bones and muscles and can cause you to have low back pain.  They can cause bones and muscles to press on nerves.  Nerves hate to be pressed on!

When you sit a lot muscles get out of balance; some are a bit too short and others a bit too stretched.

But you can change that.

When you stand and lift a leg behind you, there will be a stretch.  It should feel like a ‘good’ stretch, a comfortable stretch.  That helps take pressure off your low back.

And dropping your legs open frog-style when you lay on your back helps those inner thigh muscles stretch.  When they are a little longer they can stop pulling so much on your lower back.

And while you are stretching, you might as well do a gentle standing forward bend to see whether the backs of your legs are also tight.

Using all of your muscles and getting them back into balance will help you get rid of pain in your lower back–and all over.


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