Southgate Michigan Massage Therapist

Kathryn Merrow on June 5th, 2012

Sometimes you can work out a knot in your back with a tennis ball!  I’ve talked about Tennis Ball Therapy many times before. My colleague Janet McClain, an expert Massage Therapist, tried to demonstrate while I did the camera work.  As you will see, I didn’t do it very well.  🙂 We had a lot […]


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Kathryn Merrow on August 17th, 2010

My last article told the story of how I dislocated my ribs.  This one continues to the cure.  🙂 It just wasn’t getting completely better so I ended up going to Janet McClain who is an excellent massage therapist in Southgate, Michigan.  She “surrounded the dragon” (the painful rib area) using finger pressure to relax […]


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