Did you know that upper back pain can be caused by poor posture?  You bet!

Just last week I received a comment from a woman who said, “I had no idea that posture could cause upper back pain!”

Here’s the link to an article about a way to get better posture and start getting rid of your back pain.

http://simplepainrelief.com/2009/10/27/how-to-get-better-posture-for-back-pain-relief/ (<– click the link.)

You see, when your posture is collapsing, your heavy head pulls on your upper back and neck muscles.  That causes muscle strain and pain and knots and headaches and all kinds of other bad things.

Here’s another article about posture:  http://simplepainrelief.com/2009/04/08/is-your-posture-good-or-poor-how-can-you-tell/

I’d also like to invite you to learn more about a program I created for getting rid of the knots in your upper back.  It has a complete video to help you get your good posture back.  If you are interested, you can learn more by clicking here –> http://KnotsInYourBack.com

Getting back into the nice, straight posture that you had as a young child can help you get rid of your upper back pain.


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