Your upper back pain is being caused by something and sometimes that something is as far away as your feet!

Flat feet or ‘fallen arches’ can cause the ‘foundation’ of your body to be faulty. Instead of standing up with nice posture, people without arches in their feet tend to fall forward posture-wise.

Here’s how to demonstrate this:

Stand normally. Now make an arch in your feet. Lift your arches and then let it go. Let your feet be flat again.

Okay. Do it again.

This time, when you lift your arches pay attention to where your body and head are. Let your arches collapse and you will have the sensation of your head moving forward.

That’s what happens with no arches.  Your posture collapses.  🙁

And that causes strain on your poor neck and upper back muscles.  Actually, it’s not so great for your lower back or head, either.

The least expensive, longest lasting and easiest to obtain arch supports I have found are at running shoe stores. At this time, the cost is around $30 for a pair. They are firm and follow the length of your arch in a nice swoop (as opposed to a rock under your arch.) Don’t just buy your size–try on the size up and down from your normal size to get the arch that feels best to you.

And then don’t start wearing them all day right off the bat. Rather, wear for an hour or two the first day or two. Then you can increase the time over the following days. This way the muscles in your legs, feet, hips and back can adjust to the correction gradually.

Flat feet can definitely cause back pain and shoulder blade pain and arch supports can help you straighten up, stand taller and get rid of your upper back pain naturally.


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