If you have lost the natural curves in your spine there is a good chance that you suffer from neck and back pain.

When you were born you were curled into a rounded-back position.   In a little while you began to stretch your arms and legs and rolled over and arched your back in the opposite direction of that birth position.  You pushed up with your arms and lifted your head.


You were getting the muscles around your spine and torso ready to walk!  You were creating the natural curves in your back that you needed.

So now you have back or neck pain but bodies heal all the time.

It’s important for you to know this.  Bodies (to read the rest of this article click this link–>) http://simplepainrelief.com/2010/01/08/how-to-get-the-natural-curves-back-in-your-spine-to-improve-posture-and-reduce-neck-and-back-pain/


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