Can you get rid of the knots in your upper back naturally?  You sure can.  All you need to do is figure out exactly why you have them.

When you know the why it’s easier to understand the next steps to take.  Here are two of the most common causes of muscle knots in your back.

1.  Muscle strain.  This can be caused by poor posture.  Poor or collapsed posture can be caused by slouching or by doing a lot of work with the muscles in the front of your body and ignoring your back muscles.

2.  Muscle contraction.   This is caused by extensive use of the muscles in your back near your shoulder blades.

Knots #1 and #2 cause two different types of knots or spasms.

  • Knot #1 is a protective spasm to prevent the muscle from being stretched too far and ripping.
  • Knot #2 is caused by the muscle ‘getting used to’ being tight or active.  It’s used to being in contraction so it just stays tight.

Knot #2 is usually pretty easy to release or relax with pressure.  Laying the painful knot on a tennis ball for several minutes may be all you need.

But Knot #1 is trickier to release.  In this case you have to release all of the muscles that can be causing your poor back to be over-stretched.   You probably have a lot of areas that are contributing to that knot.

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Your muscles want to feel well.  Knots are a message from your muscles that they are not happy.

Read more articles here to understand more about how your body works.  And then start taking action to get rid of the knots in your upper back.


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8 Comments on Getting Rid of Knots in Your Upper Back

  1. Priti says:

    Please send me the report.

  2. I will send you the knots report pronto!

    The Pain Relief Coach

  3. Ruth Waters says:

    Will you send me the report too please.Suffering very bad here :0(

  4. Ruth, I am sending it to your email now so you can get rid of those nasty knots in your back!

    The Pain Relief Coach

  5. Christine says:

    Could you send me the report. My doctor gave me muscle relaxers that knock me out! I can’t take them on my work days, so I’m suffering through them. I need help, I can’t even turn my head w/o pain.

  6. Hello Christine,

    I will send the report by email. Also ice is the usually the best treatment for neck and upper back pain and stiffness. There is information about cold therapy at

    Also please look through the articles here to discover more about the causes and natural treatments for upper back and neck stiffness.

    The Pain Relief Coach

  7. kim odonnell says:

    please send me the report also, suffering bad with knots.

  8. Hi Kim,

    I signed you up for the report. You will have to confirm that you want to receive it so check your email for a confirmation message. If you don’t see it, please look in your spam folder just in case.
    Please let me know if you don’t find the confirmation message and then the report and I will try again to email the report for getting rid of those knots in your back again.

    Thank you!