Why do you get painful muscle “knots” between your shoulder blades and your spine that keep you awake at night?  They can also hold your attention all day, too. What are those “knots” and how can you get rid of them?

Lots of things can make your muscles unhappy. Most often the reason you get knots in your muscle has something to do with positions. If you sleep in a certain way, work in a specific way, drive or watch television or use the computer mouse in certain positions, your muscles can get unhappy. Then they complain. You know your muscles are complaining when they give you pain.

You see, muscles are responsible for most pain.

A muscle “knot” is an area that has contracted itself or gone into a type of spasm. It kind of scrunches up into a tight ball.  Sometimes it is such a large ball that someone else can actually feel it when they touch it, too.

A contraction can occur when a muscle is held in a shortened (contracted) position for long periods. It can also occur from being over-stretched. Muscles like to be in neutral, balanced states.

So how can you get rid of these painful spasms in your upper back?

1. Figure out what causes your knot.

2. Teach yourself how to have a strong back.

3. Correct the positions that cause your symptoms.

4. Consider massage therapy but be sure that the therapist understands how bodies actually work.

5. Educate yourself so you understand how your body works.

You can start learning about how your body works when you pick up your copy of “The Five Most Common Causes of Those Miserable Knots In Your Back” so you can start getting rid of those knots quickly!


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