Her upper back pain came on gradually and just kept getting worse.

Finally Mary Ann called me and said it was bad.  She was talking about pain in her upper back.  She had been to a chiropractor three times and it didn’t help.

I have been a massage therapist for a very long time.

My specialty is treating the causes of muscle pain.  And that’s what I like to share with you.  Why?  Because when you can get rid of the cause, your pain will go away.  (And sometimes there is more than one cause.)

Massage can help get rid of the cause (depending on the therapist’s training.)

When Mary Ann got on the massage table and placed her face in the face cradle I could actually see that one side of her back was enlarged.  Usually you cannot see a spasm although you may be able to feel it but this one was a doozy.

There was a lot of tenderness under the swelling.  The tight muscles felt like banjo strings.

I started assessing her back and neck with my hands.  I asked Mary Ann to let me know what areas hurt.  I decided to “surround the dragon.”

The dragon is the pain.

She told me she had tried a new twisting motion during a certain activity that she enjoys.  The muscles on either side of your waist are the twisting-tilting muscles so I checked them.

On the same side as her upper back spasm, those waist muscles were tight and tender so I released them with finger pressure.

You see, everything on your body is attached.  Tight muscles somewhere else can pull on another area and cause pain or spasm.

I treated the muscles on both sides of her spine and the upper shoulders.  I also addressed the shoulder blade muscles on the opposite side of her pain (under the arm pit.)  I worked on the knotty area (the spasm) and I wrapped up with the muscles on the front, upper chest, arm and breastbone.

I showed Mary Ann some simple movements to strengthen the muscles of her back and how to improve her posture.

She felt much better an hour after she arrived.

If someone just blasts away on your knot there is a really good chance that it won’t help at all.

But by “surrounding the dragon” and also treating the probable causes you have a good chance of taming that “dragon.”

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