Oh, my aching shoulders!

In a nutshell, poor posture is usually to blame for upper back pain.   When your heavy head hangs in front of your body and your shoulders are rolled forward it strains the muscles in your upper back.

Here’s how to use heat to help your upper back muscles feel better:  Use it on your WHOLE upper body.

If you apply heat packs or a heating pad only to the strained part it will weaken it further.  It may feel good temporarily but then you will notice it still hurts or even feels a little worse.

But if you direct the hot shower on your whole upper body–front, sides and back–it will help relax the muscles in the front of your body, too.  And the muscles in the front of your body NEED to be relaxed!  They are a big part of the problem.

When you use heat packs on your upper chest and arms it will help those tight muscles relax.  Then your muscles will be more balanced and you will have less strain and pain in your upper back muscles.  🙂



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