Here’s a walking tip that will help your poor upper back  start to feel better.

Did you know there is a right way to swing or move your arms when you walk?  There is!  Moving your arms correctly takes the strain off your upper back muscles.

Here it is:

Thumbs up!

Just as though you are going to  shake hands.

Stand up and look down.  If the backs of  your hands are facing forward, that means the muscles in the front of  your body are short.

Those short muscles are turning your hands like  that.  They are also straining your upper back.

Now, try to hold your hands with your thumbs pointing forward.  Feel the difference in your upper arm?  Does it make your posture a little better?

And when you walk,  swing your arms from the shoulders with your thumbs facing  forward.

Let your arms swing freely at your sides rather than  crossing in front of your body.

Walking with your arms in this position will use your muscles  in a more neutral way and the tight muscles in your upper back will be happier!


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