When you learned to walk, your spine did this really neat thing.  It developed curves to help you stand “straight.”

When we say, “Stand up straight,” it really means stand tall; stand with the proper curves in your spine; stand with your head over your body instead of in front of it.

See this fellow sitting with his back rounded?  Sitting, sleeping or working in a position with your back like that will cause you to lose the curve in your lower back.  You are supposed to have a curve behind your waist that creates a small hollow.

When you lose that curve, your head moves forward just like this fellow.

And that forward head posture creates a LOT of strain on the muscles of your upper back.  It can cause headaches, neck aches, lower back pain, upper back pain and knots in your back.

A “forward head” also causes constipation.  It squashes your heart and lungs and all of your internal organs.  It ages you before your time.

The good news is that if you will take the time and effort to re-educate your muscles you can “stand straight” and tall again.  Is is work?  Sure.  Are you worth it?  You bet.

You deserve to feel better.

You can learn a lot about how to get straight at Simple Strengthening.com but before you go, have you signed up for your free Knots report yet?  It’s right over there ==>   in the yellow box.

If you get rid of your forward head posture you will be on the road to having no more knots in your upper back.  🙂


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