Today I’m thinking about Tennis Ball Therapy. Why?

Because I woke up with a knot in my back and it’s bugging me. šŸ™

When you have tight muscles on your back that are bugging you, here’s what to do: Use Tennis Ball Therapy!

Here’s how:

Get a tennis ball (or similar ball) and lay on it on the floor. You can use the bed if you have to but the floor gives more pressure.Ā  If you are on your bed, some of the tennis ball is lost in the mattress.Ā  If you’re really tender or tiny or can’t get onto the floor that may work best for you but otherwise use the floor.

Lay on the floor, on your back, and kind of move around until you find the most tender area of muscle.

Then just lay there for about 5 minutes. Pretty simple, huh?

You will most likely notice that the tenderness starts to go away during that time.Ā  It will start to feel more comfortable.

When one area feels better, roll around seeking any other tender muscles or knots and treat them the same way.Ā  There are almost always more spots just begging for pressure.

So, that is how your body responds to the pressure of the ball–the muscles relax. Tennis Ball Therapy can be really useful for knots in your upper back. No work involved; just helpful pressure. šŸ™‚

And if you need more help getting rid of those miserable knots, I’d like to invite you to go to and claim your free copy ofĀ  “Five Steps To Get Rid Of Those Miserable Knots In Your Back.”


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