You are not stuck with those miserable knots in your shoulders.  You can get rid of them but you have to take action.

Actually, taking action is the key to unlocking most of the pain and dysfunction that people suffer from. 

  • First, find the cause of your knots.  It’s often not where you hurt.
  • Second, take action!  There are things that you did to create your muscle knots.  There are steps you will have to take to get rid of them.

Muscle ‘knots’ form when muscles are in spasm or contraction.  There are basically two things you may be doing that started the whole knot process.

1.  Maybe you hold the upper back/shoulder blade area tightly.  This happens when you are carrying something or even when you do a repetitive motion that uses those muscles.  The muscles get used to being contracted and short and so they stay that way.  At least temporarily.

That’s the easiest type of muscle knot to get rid of.

Tennis ball therapy usually will work quite well for these knots.  (Place the ball behind the knot and lean into it.)

2.  Or, your upper back and shoulder blade muscles are in spasm because they are stretched too much.  This happens when you have forward head posture.  If your head is in front of your body rather than over it and your shoulders are rolled forward, that creates short muscles in the front of your body.  It also creates over-stretched muscles in your back.  In an attempt to protect themselves, the over-stretched muscles go into a special type of contraction.  This is probably the most common knot and is the more difficult knot to release because there are more steps to take.

But you can do it!

Here’s how in a nutshell:

  • It’s important to strengthen your back and correct your posture.  This means your sitting posture, your sleeping posture and your standing, walking and working posture.
  • When your head is where it used to be when you first started walking–over your body–that will take the strain off your upper back muscles so they can start to relax.
  • You need to stretch the muscles in the front of your body.
  • It’s important to keep your muscles well hydrated (drink lots of water) and to supply them with vitamins and minerals.  That means eat healthy food.  Healthy food means it’s not highly processed in a factory.
  • Muscles need calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron (iron only for some people because there are so many iron-fortified foods.)  When muscles have these minerals they function their best and you feel better.

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