Let’s enter into the Twilight Zone of Knots In Your Back.

Imagine this:

You are driving.  Traffic is moving fast.  Big trucks are all around, weaving in and out.

Other drivers are tail-gating.  The sun is hitting the car windows ahead of you and blasting right into your eyes.  The driver behind you is blaring his horn.

You are almost out of gas and have no money!

Do you feel your shoulders lifting and tightening up yet?

The other muscles to tighten would be your jaw and neck.  Your head moves forward; your chin juts out.

You have mental stress when you are in a tight situation like the heavy traffic.  Mental stress causes changes in the way you hold your body so your muscles contract–they become tight.

Tight muscles cause discomfort.  Bodies just don’t like to be all bound up.

And if you keep your stress posture long enough–shoulders hiked, jaw tight–your chest muscles will tighten and shorten, too.  In fact, maybe they already are short and tight just because of the day to day positions your work in.

That, in a nutshell, is an example of how stress can cause knots in your shoulders.




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