Tight muscles in your shoulders?  Here are six things you can do to help your poor shoulders feel better.

  1. Get out of stressful situations!  🙂  Well, as much as you can.
  2. Lift your shoulders and roll them backward.  Up and back.  Up and back.
  3. Hike your shoulders up to your ears.  Hold them there for 20 seconds.  That will cause them to fatigue or be tired.  Let them drop.
  4. Throw a baseball or softball.  That uses the shoulders in a balanced way and helps the muscles relax.
  5. Toss rocks into a pond.  See if you can make the rocks skip.  This uses your shoulder muscles and distracts your mind.
  6. Place ice packs on the tops of your shoulders.  Leave them there until you start to feel numbness.  The cold packs will help your muscles relax by bringing in more blood.

It’s helpful if you can figure out what caused your shoulders to tighten up in the first place.  Most often it’s posture.

People often say, “It’s stress.”  Stress can be a part of it because we assume certain positions when we feel stressed.

Still, most often it’s posture.

Work at lifting your chest and the crown of your head.  If you have a “flat” lower back work on sticking your butt out a little.  You are supposed to have a slight curve behind your waist.

And, after all, your shoulders are attached to your back.

Try any of the six ways to help your shoulders relax and let me know which works best for you!




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