Got knots in your upper back?  An occupational therapist sent me the following email:  🙂

> Dear Kathryn, Here’s a testimonial for you:
> I am an occupational therapist and I know better.  I have preached for
> years that we need to stretch our chests and strengthen our upper
> backs/posterior shoulder girdles.  However, I have been having spasms
> between my shoulder blades and spine (mostly on the right), and I have
> spent what seems like endless hours in hot baths, on the heating pad,
> and lying on tennis balls or pushing as hard as possible against my
> shiatsu
> massage chair.  These techniques often relieved the spasms, but only
> temporarily; not to mention that it left me with a bruise-type pain for
> days from pushing so hard.  One day, feeling beyond frustrated, I
> started searching the web.  That is when I came across your site and had
> that AHA moment (in a “duh” fashion for me).  I had been missing the thing
> I preach so much about!!  (We healthcare professionals are such bad
> patients).  I instantly stood and did the corner stretch and doorway
> stretch, then cut a piece of Theraband and started some scapular
> strengthening exercises (specifically external roataion and horizontal
> abduction).  Boy, did I feel it on the right, but I kept going and guess
> what?  Within 2 days, I was FINE.  Pain-free, spasm-free, and H-A-P-P-Y!
> Thanks for the reminder.  We all need to be smacked upside the head from
> time to time.  =)
> ~Katie F.

I appreciate Katie writing and sharing her story.  She started out by chasing symptoms.  She ended up by attacking the CAUSE of her upper back spasms.  And that’s how she got rid of her symptoms.  🙂

So, you see?  Read the articles here and take action.  Look for the cause of your pain.

You CAN have natural relief of the knots in your upper back.  🙂


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