Want to know how to get rid of upper back muscle strain naturally?  Grow better posture.

I said ‘grow’ because you can do that.  I’ll share how later.

When muscles are strained they complain.  They give you pain.

What strains the muscles in your upper back?

A heavy head pulling on them.  They don’t like that.  Their job is NOT to hold your heavy head from falling to the floor.  Their job is to let you move your head comfortably in many directions.

You can get a forward head from sitting in chairs and car seats that lean back.  They make you press your head forward.

Also, slouching or slumping with a rounded back causes a forward head and upper back pain.

A rounded back is a weak back and we need our backs to be strong.  Having a forward-head posture has a lot of disadvantages and not a single advantage.

Here’s a tip for walking, sitting and standing  that will help you have better posture and a stronger back:

Pretend a string is attached to the crown of your head.  It it pulling you up.  Your head is lifting as though it is a balloon full of air.  Your chin should be level to the ground, not tilted up or down.

Pretend a string is attached to your breastbone.  It is also pulling you up to the sky.  You may notice this movement causes your waist to curve forward a bit.  That’s good.

It may feel a little strange and strained at first but your weak back muscles will grow stronger over time as you keep practicing these moves.

There are more articles at Simple Strengthening to help you get a stronger back very easily.  A strong back will help you get rid of that annoying muscle pain and strain in your upper back naturally.



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