What’s the most common cause of upper back pain?  Did you guess your muscles?  You are right!

Muscles are responsible for most of our aches and pains.  And the medical profession doesn’t have the time to figure out why.  Instead they just write prescriptions to mask the pain.

How come?  Well, it takes time to figure out why an upper back hurts.  It takes time to educate a person so they can feel better.  Doctors just don’t have that much time.

But I do.  🙂

And I want you to feel better.

Right now I have a student in my massage class who had an unhappy upper back.  Come to think of it, I’ll bet her lower back wasn’t exactly smiling, either.

Now she has a beautiful back and doesn’t have pain at work anymore.


Because she started a self-care program.  She does movements to strengthen her upper back and correct her posture. (She learned them from me.)

She has also had some massage therapy to help those muscles relax.  (That’s one of the benefits of going to school to be a massage therapist.)

You can do those same things to get rid of your upper back pain, too.

Here’s what makes back muscles unhappy:

1.  Carrying your head in front of your body instead of directly over your body.  That strains upper back muscles.

2.  Using your arm(s) while reaching and stretching.  This strains back muscles, too.

3.  Having weak back muscles.  This lets the stronger, shorter muscles in front win.   Your poor back muscles lose. 🙁

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